Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Time for Businesses to Go Solar! $$$

Hello Future business SolarDwellers:

Just a "heads-up" to consider solar for your business beginning January 2006; OMG, that's only two weeks away!!! Get going!

Here's why it's compelling beginning in '06. The going rate to for solar fully installed these days is $9.00/watt. The proposed California Emerging Renewables Program rebate for solar installations is $2.60/watt, down from $2.80/watt in '05. "But, SolarDweller," you ask,"that doesn't sound like the rebate situation is better. It sounds worse!" Be patient, I say, for the rest of the story . . .

So, with California rebates, were at a price of $9.00 - $2.60 = $7.40/watt installed. Not bad: 28% rebate amount. Now, the rest of the story . . . THE NEW FEDERAL TAX CREDIT FOR SOLAR. Yes, my friends, somehow in the latest huge federal energy bill, mostly laden with tax credits for oil and gas exploration, the solar industry was successful in lobbying for a 30% tax credit for solar installations, capped at $2,000 for residential systems, but, pay attention business owners, the 30% rebate for commercial systems is UNCAPPED.

So, now we're at a price after the CA rebate of $7.40 - $2.22 = $5.18/watt!!!! Plus, a business would subtract accelerated appreciation on top of that, making it even cheaper. A system (6kW) costing $30,000, would generate about $38,000 worth of electricity in it's lifetime. Now that makes environmental and business sense!!

Doing solar now for a business is the cheapest it has ever been, and, thus, the time to get on it before all those other business start marketing themselves as "green and solar powered" before you do.

--the SolarDweller-
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