Monday, December 19, 2005

Solar Greats

Hello SolarDwellers:

This is first the installment of Solar Greats, where I plan to mention great organizations working for more green energy, especially solar power. I will also mention great publications or books discussing the creative use of solar power!!!

For today's installment, I would like to mention a non-profit working in the San Francisco/Bay Area in California. They are called Grid Alternatives. What's really neat about them is they try to apply solar energy, and other alternative energy, to the needs of people or communities in need. Solar shouldn't only help those who have enough money to buy themselves a system to save on their monthly energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. An electricity bill can be a substantial part of your income if your family doesn't have the fortune to be higher up on the economic pay scale. Therefore, getting a solar electric system at a very reduced cost, reducing the monthly electricity bill to almost $0 can be a BIG HELP.

Please check this group out, make a donation or even offer to be a volunteer. You can go out into the community and help install solar-electric systems for people. We were just working on one in San Francisco this past weekend!!

Until later, keep enjoying the sun . . .

The SolarDweller

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