Wednesday, December 21, 2005

California's long-term solar plans

Hey there future SolarDwellers:

Just a quick link to an article that really stresses the positive effect of having an energy policy that is committed to solar/wind etc in the long term: a predictable growing market with decreasing prices as production increases (following Japanese model).

A Bright Future with the California Solar Initiative
by Donald Osborn

Also, if your interested in Japan's success over the last 10 years--they're up there with Germany as the top two solar installation countries--check out this report done by a great non-profit called EnvironmentCalifornia:
"Bringing Solar to Scale: California's Opportunity to Create a Thriving, Self-Sustaining Residential Solar Market"

Happy Solar Holidays and see you for more SolarDwelling in the New Year!!

The SolarDweller

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Stephen Eli Harris said...

Here Here! More solar initiatives is exactly what this world needs. We must remove ourselves from our dependancy on oil and this is one step in the right direction.