Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Walgreens Does Solar . . .Big!

Buenas noches, SolarDwellers:

Just had to pass on the big news that Walgreens has decided to install solar on about 100 of its buildings in California and New Jersey,

"the largest solar energy project ever done in the United States"(see article)

A small excerpt from the article explains some of the benefits:

"Solar roof tiles will enable each store or distribution center to generate between 20 percent and 50 percent of its own electricity on site. The stores will host solar electric systems that will replace energy equivalent to more than 22 million gallons of gas and avoid hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide emissions comparable to growing more than 5 million tree seedlings, the companies said in the announcement."

When big companies choose solar, like when FedEx went big with solar, and now Walgreens, we can conclude that something BIG is happening in the green energy market. These companies don't just throw money away: they know they're getting the double benefit of being and marketing themselves as a "green business", while cutting their energy costs over the long term.

There is a Long's Drug and a Walgreens within walking distance of where I live: through which automatic sliding door do you think I shall choose to walk???

Sweet dreams, Future SolarDweller

--the SolarDweller

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