Friday, November 18, 2005

Good Enough for FedEx...

"You go now, solar panels
sitting right there on FedEx's roof
making all that delicious solar
electricity!" --Anonymous

Dear Solar Reader:

You might not know it yet, but solar is about to be way cool. Way, way cool; as in solar chique; as in engaging your significant other(s) or friends with the question, "Thy neighbors just upgraded to a sexy, solar roof; why aren't we doing that???" Take a look around your neighborhood or neighborhoods around you: solar is working for a lot of people lately!!

If FedEx can do it, with all their cut-throat competition and cost control stress, I go out on a limb to say: the planets, sirs and madams, are, for real, this time aligned!!!

Keep your eye on this blog for a solar enthusiast's take on why solar has gotten so hot in it's "rebirth" and will get hotter month by month. And keep an eye out on this blog for my take on why homeowners and businesses could discover that NOW is the time to make the jump to solar juice for their abodes!!

Just remember, the green energy trend is your friend: Natural gas prices for power plants . . . . they're not going to go down in the next decade or so. Solar power . . . . get it now, and lock in a low price.

And, oh yeah, your solar panels won't be emitting "power plant" stuff we call pollution into the air either. You control your energy destiny, young Skywalker. This is something, that yes, you CAN do. Think of it as the BMW or Mercedes of electricity production--cleaner, cooler and just darn nicer than that Ford Pinto power plant down the street.

All for much less than the monthly cost so many of us, in the midst of our car/sleek appliance culture, plunk down for our car, plasma, house, etc., etc payments. It's just a matter of a shift in perspective and possibility.

I look forward to keeping you curious, engaged and entertained by the coming solar power BOOM! Here is your front-row seat to get uncontrollably psyched, jazzed, dare I say, inspired by what electrons running through solar panels can do for YOU, dear future solar dweller.

--Jason C. (

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