Monday, January 23, 2006

Solar Sightings No. 3

Good evening, Future SolarDwellers:

Just wanted to continue an installment of "solar sightings," in which I point out solar electric or hot water installations I've noticed in different neighborhoods, so far in the S.F. Bay Area. The more you see, the cooler they seem, and, hopefully, the more you will want to install such a system.

Today's chapter is a bonus two-for-one edition: two properties I saw within one block of each other in the green city of Berkeley!!!

House Number one:

on Ellsworth St in Berkeley, this shiny, new solar PV installation jumped out at me from two blocks away with the sun bouncing off the nice, sleek, solar panels. I would be proud to support such an array on my abode. Looks like 18 panels; and if we use an average/estimate of 150 watts per panel, this system is 150w x 18 panels = 2700 watts = 2.7 kilowatts(kW). That's about the size to meet all the electricity needs of your single family home. Sa-weeeet! Thank you Ellsworth house, for keeping all that co2 out of the air!

House Number two:

also on Ellsworth in Berkeley. Almost missed this one, and was interested to see the PV panels poking up barely above the roofline. Looks like this owner decided to tilt his panels at a very shallow angle, almost parallel to the roof, making them hard to see from the street. Personally, I would want to show off my panels, but people also like the idea of making their panels as "inivisible" from their street/neighbors as possible. Or, of course, certain neighborhoods or housing associations can be strict about what and how you slap on your roof. As long as they can catch some rays, dude!

Stay tuned, SolarDwellers. . . .

The SolarDweller
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