Thursday, January 12, 2006

Solar Plan Approved in California--Subsidies GOOD!

Hey Futuro SolarDwellers:

I guess this is the obligatory post about news you've already heard about today (all over the news and green blogs). But just in case . . . . (article).

So, what with the argument: "Why should I pay $12/year on my electric bill to subsidize my neighbor's solar electricity???" I'm fine with the idea of a subsidy to help a green technology. And I think its also fine if everbody pitches in about $12 per year on the electric bill for the benefit of California having cleaner air, as we produce less electricity from polluting sources like natural gas and coal, and more from solar, wind, etc. The main idea is that if my $12/year is going to help my neighbor install a solar PV system, I'm happy that my neighbor is contributing green energy to California!

From the above article, the emphasis is helping Californians have more power to CHOOSE the source of their electricity/hot water . . .

"Our hope is that solar will become a major part of California's energy portfolio," said commission President Michael Peevey. "This solar program simply offers one more alternative to Californians concerned about a clean energy future."

Here's to being aggressive when it comes to Green Energy . . . .

--the SolarDweller
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