Friday, December 16, 2005

Solar Sightings--No. 2

Good day, Future SolarDweller:

Time for my second installment of "solar sightings", through which you hopefully vicariously get inspired, or at least interested in solar, by seeing that people in the "neighborhood" are definitely doin' it!!!

I present to you, solar-electric dwelling in Berkeley, CA, on Ashby Avenue. I caught the last afternoon sun hitting these panels. I climbed up an adjacent parking structure to get this nice shot.

The system looks big enough (22 solar panels--if each panel is about 150 watts, that would be a 3300 watt, or 3.3 kW system) to provide enough electricity for the total home's use. Niiiice. PG&E electric bill at the end of the year: $$$0!!! I like it.

Once the "mainstreamers" catch up to what's going on in the "green energy" field, they'll look at those panels as aesthetically pleasing as well. "But the panels are ugly," does not compute with this SolarDweller! They're more like "cool," "chiq," and "sleek," to me!!

Keep looking "roofward" for those PV systems popping up in YOUR neighborhood. And hey, even send me a digital pic and location via e-mail( of a system you might see in your solar travels, so it can be given it's "green" credit in a future installment of our "solar sightings" . . .

Until then,
The SolarDweller
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