Friday, December 16, 2005

Article: CA Solar rebates next year

Hey Dwellers:

Just another article explaining the increased funding for solar installation rebates in California next year.

Check it . . .

California Solar Rebates Tripled for Next Year
Vote to allocate $300 million for next year is first stage in new, long-term solar plan by Jesse Broehl, Editor, (article link)

This, my solar friends, is a statewide commitment to bring California's solar portion of total electricity production up to 5% of all electricity produced; and that's way up from the current <1% of electricity produced by solar today!!!

If Germany can do it in much greater volume than the U.S. can, something's wrong. We have so much more land area, especially at more southern latitudes that get more sun-hours per day by far!

Here's to our catching up on the 'green energy' super-highway . . .

The SolarDweller

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