Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Solar Sightings

Good Day Future Solar Dweller:

Today is the first installment of the abovementioned "Solar Sightings." I like to put my eyes "roofward", always scanning for that new, sleek, chique solar installation in my or other neighborhoods. These "sightings" are happily becoming more and more common, as people are getting inspired by the potential of solar!

My quest: to find and document as many "solar dwellings" as possible, in my neck of the woods or even in YOUR neck of the woods.

You Can Participate: If you happen to come upon a new, sleek or even oldish solar installation in your or any neighborhood, jot down the address or basic area and shoot me an e-mail at j.coolman@comcast.net or solarisbetter@comcast.net. Super Bonus: if you like taking digital photos, take a shot of that awesome solar installation and send me a photo as well.

The Result: On this blog, you and I, marshalling our resources, will create quite a nice list of solar installations for people to ponder, see photos of, and , heck, even get inspired to do it themselves (as it becomes soooo obvious how many people already ARE "SolarDwellers!")

So, without further adieu, my first solar sighting . . . .

A house in my neighborhood (Berkeley, CA 94703)that I saw on a recent Solar Homes Tour this past October, sponsored by a cool, non-profit solar org called NorCal Solar. This owner implements interesting triangular-shaped solar pv panels to fit those tricky spaces on the roof. He even charges his electric car from his solar panels. Now is that green, clean living or what!!!??? No gasoline!

Til next time and Go Solar,
Jason C.
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