Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Solar Holidays

Happy holidays future solar dweller.

Officially today is “black Friday” when retail stores go into “the black” and make 50% of their profits in the last couple months of the year. Well, from this future solar dweller to another, I hope you are happy this holiday season, and have somehow avoided the consumer frenzy/crush at the malls today.

But we should be dreaming of a SOLAR holiday season. Check it:
Solar holiday myth:
"Solar dwellers are so sad in the wintertime, for their panels produce such little electricity in the blustery, cold winter climate. What shall we do, oh, solar dweller?"

Solar holiday fact:

Solar panels are oh so much cooler in cold temps!!! Your solar panels will produce more electricity on a COLD, sunny day, given that solar cells are more efficient operating at lower temperatures. Specifically, about a .5% electricity production increase on average for every 1oC decrease in solar panel temperature!!! So, if its 10 degrees C cooler on a given day, your panels will produce 5% more electricity. Solar panels during winter: no problem!

Happy solar holidays and just remember to follow the Winter sun too.

--Jason C.

1 comment:

Mr Solar Man said...

Test comment . . .
Thank you so,so,so, much, Solar dweller, for clearing up that misconception of mine that solar panels are all but worthless during the Winter.

I shall slap some on the roof pronto, even if its snowing. (Actually, snow reflects MORE light onto panels, as well. Did you know THAT smarty Solar Dweller??)