Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Click here for solar chocolate

Hey solarDwellers:

My posting frequency has dropped off recently with solar writing ideas accumulating, but lack of time recently to get them posted! It's amazing what happens to "blogging time" when stuff gets super busy. I've been exploring/working on different solar job/career opportunities, mixed in with some substitute teaching, mixed in with some work on marketing for a summer reading program for those little guys and girls fresh out of pre-school and kindergarten, getting ready for the big-time 1st grade reading experience.

So, back to solar. You'll have to scroll down a bit to see a post that was in draft form days ago, and which I just posted. It's all about makin' chocolate with solar power. Or instead of scrolling, just click HERE.

I'll be catching up with some more posting tomorrow(April 27), with my first "solar spotlight" local interview and news and info about a cool, waterproof solar product integrated into the roof membrane, among whatever else I can squeeze in to some sought-after "free" time tomorrow! Keep checkin' in with solarDweller for the solar scene and solar thoughts . . .

Until then,
--the solarDweller
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