Saturday, March 11, 2006

Solar Marketing and random solar thoughts

Hello future solarDwellers:

Think solar, do solar, feel good.

Solar marketing: oh, so important. This small, solar company CEO's blog got me thinking about the ability we have these days to "choose solar." First, solar advocates have got to change the negative perception around "solar energy" that has been built up since the 70's, principally that solar just died, flopped, burned out, disappeared, whatever term you wanna use. This perception is best communicated with the anecdote you might or might not have heard about when the White House changed principal residents in 1981: bye-bye Carter, and hello Reagan. "First thing we gotta do, rip out that hippy solar water heater off MY house," said Reagan, probably with slightly different words!

The problem: many people don't know how much it has come back to life, nay, exploded in popularity, affordability and consumer satisfaction with their "green purchase." But I'm hoping that via this blog and other blogs like the ones listed on solarDweller under "Solar links", that people can take a second look at solar, and see how it can make their lives and their world better, greener and cleaner.

How many people know you can do solar for your house for less than the price of most cars these days, or for a monthly loan payment that is actually less than the utility bill they already pay now, a utility bill that can go to $0/year after you go solar? Or that their new solar pv system would help clean everybody's and their children's air? Or that as an investment, solar is a dependable way to get a 5-6% return on your investment, with the guarantee that your solar will pay for itself YEARS before it's life of producing electricity is over.

It's all about communicating this renaissance in the environmental and economic value you can get from solar NOW, not to mention the sense of satisfaction and pride you get when you realize that you have the power to make that choice to produce green energy.

Just go out and talk to anybody that has installed solar and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Random technorati musings...glad to see my posts are listed again at Technorati, a website that helps people search for content/topics in the "blogosphere." Apparently, some blog posts prone to suddenly not appearing and then magically reappearing weeks later in technorati tag search. Check out this dude's post at the blog "A Consuming Experience" who really got into his post on possible causes of this problem. I think this great resource is just so popular that the technorati people just have too much to keep track of! So, thank you, guys, for finding my posts again!

--the solarDweller
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Improbulus said...

Hi, thanks for the link - just to let you know that Dave Sifry, Technorati's CEO, has emailed me about the problems, and they're on it - see this post.

And sadly the posts don't magically reappear, if they don't get picked up on the tag pages the first time, they never show up there ever (though you can still find them via a simple search).


(PS actually a dudette rather than a dude, despite the name!)

Adrian said...

So true. The word needs to get out that solar is the solution now. Thanks for the info and doing it yourself.

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