Friday, March 03, 2006

Powerlight: puttin' solar on new home construction

(Powerlight corp. solar shingles)

Hey future solarDwellers:

The best way to use solar is to include it in original, new home construction. Much easier and cost effective than adding a pv system to an existing house. It's also smart if the new house is built with it's roof oriented to receive maximum rays (South facing surface) and with good insulation and energy efficient appliances and fixtures.

Check out the solution Powerlight Corp. of Berkeley has with new homebuilders in this article(homes in Sacramento area) and also this article (homes in So Cal).

Check out the marketing from the Victoria Homes website. I'd go for the green house if I had the choice (and even close to the money for Cali real estate!!!).

How does a Zero Energy New Home work?
By combining today's most advanced energy efficiency features with on-site solar electricity, these unique state-of-the-art homes generate as much energy as they use.

Most importantly - our Zero Energy New Homes make financial sense! When rolled into a new home mortgage, your additional monthly loan payment for a Zero Energy New Home is more than offset by your monthly utility savings. This means you start saving money on this investment - from the day you become a homeowner.

The key is giving new homeowners control over their energy supply, making solar a "standard" option and having the whole thing be cash flow positive.

Finally, from the article, check out all the home's GREEN features!!:

GrupeGreen homes are designed to put homeowners in control of their energy consumption, reduce month utility costs, and enhance comfort, quality and the overall value of their home. Each home features a PowerLight SunTileTM (2.4 kW) roof-integrated solar system - the most efficient and advanced solar electric residential product on the market today. SunTile solar panels seamlessly interlock with roof tiles and shingles, while they virtually disappear into the home's roofline. The SunTile product also features natural ventilation, enabling the solar array to maintain optimal performance in high temperature climates. The state-of-the-art energy efficiency elements also incorporated in GrupeGreen homes include: tankless hot water heaters, energy efficient windows, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning systems . . . and energy-efficient lighting, enhanced attic insulation, and a foam-wrapped building envelope. . .

Go solar!
--the solarDweller
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