Monday, March 06, 2006

Organizing Solar Posts by Categories


Hey solarDwellers:

I'm experimenting with the blog, mainly because the host "blogspot" doesn't support any easy format to list previous posts by "topic" or "category."

So, as a workaround from blogfresh, if you click on one of the links under "Categories", a new window will open to web-based bookmark site called name of For example, if you look to the right side of my blog, and click on the category

"How much: Solar Econ 101" you'll go to a page which will list all the post I've done about the cost of solar/economics of solar. The same goes for the other categories:

How: Solar PV System Tips . . . it's a recent addition, but my goal is to give tips about buying/caring for a PV system

Where : Solar Sightings . . . this bookmark lists all my posts/photos of solar installations in my neck of the woods that I've come across. Good examples tempt others to do it!!!

Kill-o-what? : posts I've done about making electricity calculations when you're thinking about installing solar. How much will the system produce and the conversion from DC to AC.

I hope it makes it easier and for the reader that would like to seek out information in these specific areas related to solar energy, without having to use word search or scroll through all my posts.

Hope it helps in your readings . . .

--the solarDweller

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