Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hand-held Solar Rechargable Devices

Hey solarDwellers:

Just browsing news at google and saw this headline about a "SolarTV" and small electronics that get charged using solar energy. I guess it is true that more and more of us plug all types of devices into the wall these days to recharge them, especially cell phones, so it makes sense to use the power of the sun to keep these things going, because when we charge up with traditional electricity, that means it's coming from natural gas, or worse, nuclear and coal power plants.

My only question, admitting I haven't really researched these devices, is the practicality of putting a cell phone or mp3 player in direct sunlight to be recharged. Their website does state that you don't need direct sunlight, but who knows how many hours of sun are necessary for these products and how well they can be charged with low or ambient light.

Good idea, just gotta research the nuts and bolts/practicality of recharging with the sun. For now, solar will continue to have its biggest impact supplying electricity to homes/businesses from the roof.

Food for thought . . .
--the solarDweller
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