Friday, March 31, 2006

Green Marketing: Solar Pizza in Marin--extra cheese, extra photons please

Hey solarDwellers:

Now if I had my choice of pizza places, assuming they both have decent crust, tomato sauce and cheese, and one of the places powers their ovens with solar, and the other from natural gas/coal/nuclear via their friendly utility, which would the solarDweller choose???

Why,I would go to Stephano's Pizza in Mill Valley, CA, which has got a nice 26 kilowatt(kW) solar pv system on their roof (enough for about 10 homes), generating about 80% of their electricity. I didn't know it was possible to feel any better eating pizza, but now I've found a way. Pizza, powered by the sun.Mmmmmmmmm. Renewable pizza . . . now that's getting to be too good. Endless pizza.

I think there is such big potential out there for businesses that use/produce green energy to get the word out to consumers about it. Advertise it. Help differentiate themselves from those other businesses stuck in the age of fossil fuels. Help consumers feel better going to that "clean energy" business. And ultimately, be an example to the point where the competition starts doing the "solar thing" too!

Heck! Rename the business! "Stephano's Solar Pizza Shack," or a cafe, "The Solar Perk," or a copy place, "Makin' Solar Copies". Just that name change with "solar" in it, advertised well, will get more people through the doors. After all, solar is "cool" these days, and it's "high tech-y", two attention-grabbing characteristics.

Note to self: Convince Zachary's Pizza, the best pizza in the S.F Bay Area, to go solar and make all my dreams come true.

--the solarDweller
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