Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cities Doing Solar--Pacifica, California

Hey solarDwellers:

I'm lovin' seeing cities standing up on the solar wave. I already talked about Ashland, Oregon doing "community solar" where city residents buy shares of municipal solar systems. Now the beautiful beach city of Pacifica is using solar to help provide electricity for it's buildings . . .
A massive solar energy project, which will be placed on the rooftop of the Calera Creek Wastewater Recycling Plant, is perhaps the most exciting project in the works. "The current plans are to have the system online in early April," said Holmes of the 350 kw photovoltaic power system that will help generate power for the sewer plant. "We are planning additional systems for the proposed City Hall, the Community Center and the fire stations." State grants to encourage the use of solar power have been received to help offset the cost of the new systems.

Maybe a bit overstated for them to call it massive, but, hey, I'm feeling their excitement for solar, which is the most important factor for solar . . . that "good feeling" people get once they make the solar choice. 350 kW is about enough for 140 houses, or those big, city buildings.

--the solarDweller
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Kodijack said...

Oregon is all over it. I am also geeked about this.

Rosie said...

Hope this wave crosses across the whole country !