Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Green Building: listen to Architect Sim Van Der Ryn online

(KQED public radio, San Francisco and online)

Hey solarDwellers:

Just happened to hear an interview with Sim Van Der Ryn, an inspiring sustainable architect out of Berkeley; he has been MAJORLY influential in the green building field. I especially appreciated his lament of seeing all those huge box building rooftops when flying into Oakland or San Francisco, mainly devoid of solar photovoltaic systems.
Forum welcomes architect Sim Van Der Ryn, who practices and promotes sustainable architecture.
Host: Michael Krasny
Sim Van Der Ryn, He is a professor of architecture at UC-Berkeley, and his most recent book is "Design for Life."

You can listen to the archive interview by going to this link, and clicking on, you guessed it, "listen," for the program on Wed, Feb 22, 2006.

Good listening,
--the solarDweller
(An afterthought: don't follow your spellchecker's advice. My spellchecker would have had me written "meagerly" instead of "majorly", "potbellied" instead of "photovoltaics", and Michael "Krishna" instead of "Krasny." Maybe when pigs can do photosynthesis or when talk show hosts become deities!!! Night, night.)

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