Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another solar blog: check it out

Hey solarDwellers:

In my last post I mentioned a blog called by matthew mcglynn, in reference to keepin your solar panels clean. I just wanted to post again to specifically recommend that you visit his blog to check out the solar section. Why you might want to read his blog? He says, "DEBRIS.COM good for a laugh, or possibly an aneurysm"

Not only does he talk about what he has learned about solar finance, payback and environmental benefits of solar and solar politics, it also documents step by step his decision to install a pv system on his house in 2003, and how he monitored its performance over the last couple years.

And here's today's "quote of the day" from his blog. I guess matt was a wee bit upset when the "million solar roofs" legislation (SB 1) went down in the flames of partisan bickering in Sacramento last summer. Check out the post here.
Oh, I apologize in advance to my mom, who has been known to check out this blog, for the objectionable language in matt's letter to the California legislature, and to unions in general(my prob is more with lobbyists on BOTH SIDES that kill good legislation), but I believe it faithfully captures the sentiment we little people sometimes have regarding partisan bickering . . . Luckily, the funding for solar rebates was brought back to life by the California Public Utilities Commission at the beginning of 2006!!

--the solarDweller

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