Saturday, January 28, 2006

Solar Sightings No. 4 --check out these solar hot water systems!

Hey Future solarDwellers:

I've been noticing more and more solar hot water collectors going up on larger apartment buildings during my recent meanderings through S.F Bay Area neighborhoods. I surmise that building owners decide to put these systems up when the owners pay the hot water bill or the hot water is "included" in the rent of the residents. Since the owner has to pay the bill for these large water heaters in their building, they get immediate benefit when the solar hot water system can cut that bill in half. Basically, the sun "pre-heats" water that flows into traditional natural gas water heaters which heat the water the rest of the way. It's a way to use much less gas and let the sun do some of the work!!!

Without further adieu, here are a few recent hot water systems I've seen . . .

Let the trend be your friend . . .

--the solarDweller
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